Doremi Platform is
an O2O global platform
that connects online and offline consumers.

Doremi Service User
Advertising partners based on blockchain technology
Doremi’s Third-party partners

The goal is to establish a balanced global ecosystem of Doremi platform through Doremi’s O2O service.

Doremi platform

provides an effective ecosystem
for service users.

Platform operators, merchants (advertisers), and service O2O ecosystems
can establish a new concept sales network
with the Doremi token (central medium).


Business 01

Buy global consumer assets using Doremi tokens, and convert them into points by the percentage of tokens purchased, which are usable in Doremi services


Business 02

The converted points can be used anywhere in the Doremi service, and provides a defi function to asset managements.


Business 03

Each component is compensated for its natural participation of the Doremi ecosystem.


Business 04

Doremi Platform provides High - Efficiency new concept distribution network means


Business 05

Swappable Doremi tokens and Doremi Pay can be used to purchase products that can purchased in real life using ‘change point system’.

Doremi Solution

Global integrated
point service provided

The main goal of the Doremi project is to tokenize user's assets (Etherium, Bitcoin, Ripple, etc.)
and provide services based on the ultimate O2O services such as global partnership and local offline etc, through DE-FI asset point swap using the Doremi Wallet.

Through the Doremi SWAP process, Doremi project will provide the right services for the real economy.
The Doremi platform uses blockchain technology to transparently solve users' point asset requirements, and the irreversible characteristic of the blockchain technology provides a foundation for easily issuing points, exchange points with other points, and transparently managing the entire process.
Based on the blockchain technology, we can solve the problem of point systems.


  • Doremi Token

    Doremi Platform's
    Key Currency

  • Doremi Point

    Cryptographic asset points
    converted from Doremi TOKEN
    to DEX for transaction

  • Doremi Wallet

    Electronic Wallet (E- Wallet)
    paid to Individual users / affiliates
    on the Doremi platform

  • DEX

    Distributed processing service
    regarding usage of
    Doremi TOKEN and Doremi Points

Doremi Solution

What changes will occur
if the user uses
the Doremi platform?

The Doremi platform converts points and expiring points
into uncalibrated integrated points.
It can still be used as cash anywhere in the world after the expiration date.

Doremi Point Generation Flow

The point linkage process of
the Doremi platform is as follows.

01. First, user’s property is transferred to the Wallet Account which provides Doremi QT via withdrawals from the external exchange

02. SWAP and expose the Doremi token to the QR wallet after the 2nd inspection by Doremi Offchain Storage for information regarding the remittance deposited to the account.

03. Based on the TOKEN information recorded in the R wallet, it immediately displays double point multiplication information (Doremi POINT) to the user.

The user will be paid in installments and can convert it back to Doremi TOKEN and exchange it to ETH.

Doremi AR-based service

Introducing the Doremi AR-based service.

Doremi's AR Treasure Hunt service

When users access the designated location,
Doremi's AR Treasure Hunt service provides
gifts and coupons along with location-based quiz games.

By grafting AR games, it attracts users’ interest and enables brand setting and customizing according to the purpose of use.

Location-based AR (Augmented Reality) Service

The service using location-based AR (Augmented Reality) is
a service that attracted people's attention through Pokemon Go
In the case of Pokemon Go, people all around the world wandered around to catch Pokemon in their area and enjoyed the game.

The convergence of Augmented Reality and Pokemon has become a popular service for users.

Doremi E-Commerce Services

Doremi HAP Market Service is a comprehensive welfare shopping platform service
that anyone can enter and purchase.

Doremi Education Services

DOOLY ENGLISH, one of the Doremi Education services, is a service to educate people
with creative English talent possessing global competitiveness.

Doremi Eco System

Tech 01

Doremi DEX ECO

Points issued on Doremi OFF-CHAIN PROTOCOL are used as STABLE digital currency within the Doremi platform through Doremi tokens and swaps.
Due the platform cannot guarantee the change of real- time currency value, it provides a stable and effective DEX ecosystem as a policy.

Through the exchange, the cumulated amount of assetized points is immediately displayed, and is paid in interest form every month which can be used within the Doremi platform in the future.

Tech 02


The Doremi token is a master token that can be used for events or content payment, and various discounts on eCommerce available on the ecosystem at Doremi Platform.
User’s assets and swapped Doremi tokens can be operated in the form of additional savings provided by Doremi TOKEN econonmy.
It is in consideration to offer interest on staking if users hold and operate a certain amount of Doremi Token.
The interest rate for staking is generated and distributed based on a certain percentage of the revenue generated by Doremi Platform.

Doremi TOKEN is guaranteed by the Platform and can move assets through external exchanges by exchanging back to ETH, BTC, XRP, etc.
It is a UTILITY-type Token that can be used for Doremi’s financial payment method, and users can operate it in various ways through Doremi QT multi-wallet.

Tech 03

Doremi S-ECO

When purchasing a product through the Doremi DAPP, if the place payment is one of the affiliates,
a partial amount will be earned as points. When a user consumes a Doremi content online, there will be additional discounts, and when the payment is proceeded on a offline store, the payment will be proceeded as QR Code. The affiliate merchant will settle the accumulated DoReMi TOKEN and settle the payment.

A certain amount of accumulated Doremi will be provided by the Doremi PLATFORM as an incentive.

Doremi Eco System

Role of token Token supply Distributed in the crowvdsale Symbol/Ticker Decimals Initial value Blockchain
Utility 21000000 50,000,000 (5 %) DRI (DOREMI) 18 $0.10 Ethereum
Categories Description Rate
ICO/IEO Exchange Listing/Venture Capital, institutional investment etc 40%
Company Reserve the company to expand the token ecosystem and conduct additional business 30%
Team Members & Advisorr or Founders, Team Members and Advisors 10%
Strategic Partner Strategic partners for ecosystem expansion 10%
IPromotion & Event Promotion according to exchange listing and global business expansion 10%
Total Ethereum 100%


2021. 1Q


Doremi SNS DEVELOPMENT (Proto-type)

2021. 2Q

Doremi MVP BETA Ver Open

Doremi SHOP BETA Ver open

Selection of Doremi affiliates

2021. 3Q

Doremi 1st Grand Open

Reflecting BETA improvements

Doremi Events and Global Exchange Listing

2021. 4Q

Doremi Platform Official Release

2022. 1Q

Doremi 1st International Service Country Selection and System Establishment

The foreign version of the beta is open to the public.